Emma Biggs Catering​   eward.newallhall@btinternt.com 01986785343

​​​​I have been catering for over 30 years. Food is one of life's great joys. It gives me great pleasure to cook locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Living in Suffolk near to lovely towns like Southwold and Aldebough and surrounded by farmland and beautiful countryside is a great inspiration.​

​When I cater for an event I like it to be personal I don't have set menus. I tend to send customers a long list of suggested ideas and then work with them to tailor the event exactly to their needs. 

I now have lots of contacts to make every party/event perfect.​​​​ From wine to celebration cakes, balloons to tanks!!

​I have a super team of helpers, all local and very helpful. 


Well it's a disaster but this virus has put paid to almost everything I do. 

I can deliver frozen meals, I am also just starting to deliver 'Supper Boxes'  All the ingredients in a box with instructions to create an excellent supper at home

I live in Huntingfield, which is 7 miles from Halesworth in Suffolk. I can deliver locally.